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[CO-AUTHOR] Nandakumar, S. et al. Nature (2023)

Astronomical Telegrams

“NuSTAR hard X-ray detection and optical observations of Nova Scorpii 2023” ATel 10618, 27 April 2023, co-author

Magazine Articles

Megaconstellation Satellites: Practical Ways Amateurs Can HelpReflector March 2022, p.25

Effect of upgrades to Starlink Generation 2 satellites on visual brightness; The Space Review Aug 7 2023 (with Jay Respler co-author)

SpaceX has been working to reduce the brightness of its Starlink satellites to mitigate their effect on astronomers, but how effective has that effort been? Brad Young and Jay Respler discuss observations of newer Starlink satellites to see how those larger spacecraft compare to smaller versions.

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Tracking and Identifying Anonymous ISON Satellites

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